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Tovcol MS Start (15kg)


One tub approximately covers 15m²

Mono-component adhesive based on silane polymers for elastic bonding of wooden floors. It is water and solvent-free, it does not contain epoxy resins or isocyanate. It is suitable for engineered wood floorings of any species and dimensions. It is also suitable for solid wood up to 140 mm in width on any type of absorbent and non-absorbent sub-floors.

Thanks to its elasticity, it is particularly recommended for under-floor heating and cooling systems; it does not swell and has got good soundproofing properties.

Easy to use, high yield, no waste, easy to clean from hands and prefinished parquet, Tovcol MS Start has no symbol of risk and a very low VOC content.

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Sub-floors must be even, resistant to compression and traction, without dust, grease and detaching elements. Residues of varnishes or waxes must be removed. The moisture quantity for concrete sub-floors must be less than 2%; if anhydride or gypsum sub-floors are concerned, the moisture quantity must be less than 0,5%. One must be sure that there is no moisture raising. Uneven cement sub-floors, old marble, and ceramic tile floors must be levelled accordingly. Existing fissures and cracks on concrete sub-floors must be repaired with synthetic mortars AD – 40 made with dry sand (Quarzo Puro) mixed with Primer PU-100 or AdeblokT19. Particularly smooth and glassy floors like ceramics must be scratched to become rough but no adhesion promoter is necessary. Poor and dusty concrete sub-floors will have to be treated and consolidated with Primer PU100, Toverfix, Adeblok T19 or Primer TS primers. Dust can be fixed on sub-floors using water-based primer Nano-Fix. If there is residual moisture, treat the sub-floor with Primer PU-100, Toverfix, Adeblok T19 or Idroblok C3 to create a vapour barrier (see technical data sheets). If a polyurethane or epoxy primer is used, it is necessary to sprinkle dry sand on the primer until fresh. Once dry, remove the exceeding sand and proceed to lay the parquet.



Tovcol MS Start is easy to apply with an nr. 6 notched spatula (8mm teeth). The parquet will have to be laid within the available time indicated. For better laying, the procedure is to apply more than 60-70% of adhesive on the whole surface at a temperature >12° C and maximum humidity of 80%. Put some weights on the floor immediately after laying for several hours if boards of big dimensions have been bonded.



The still fresh product can be totally and easily removed from hands, tools and prefinished parquet with Stripcoll or Tovclean. Once dry and hardened, the adhesive can be easily removed mechanically.



Do not use it externally. Do not dilute. Do not use on sub-floors treated with aceto-vinyl primers. Not suitable to bond wooden boards varnished on the back or plastic materials like PVC, or PE. Avoid applying too much adhesive. Before laying the floor, measure the humidity content of the sub-floor with a CM hygrometer. Leave a space of about 1 cm on the perimeter to enable the wood to expand. The remaining product can be used for the following jobs if the protective cap is put with care on top of the adhesive; the bucket must be stored in a fresh and dry area.


Safety Rules

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Strictly respect the information reported on the labels and consult safety data sheets before use.


Disposing of waste

Dispose of unused products and empty containers in accordance with local in-force regulations.


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