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Basin Isolation Primer 2.5 L


  • Suitable for newly or completely sanded parquets.
  • Especially suitable for exotic wood types, containing a lot of tannic acid.
  • On the Antico colour system, Isolation Primer can be as fixative layer before finishing with 2K water-based topcoats.
  • Can also be used to keep the colour of certain Nitro stains (view technical datasheet).
  • Not suited for waxed parquet. 
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Water-based isolating primer

Isolation Primer HBN-08700 is an isolating primer for parquet, applied before the first water-based topcoat layer. This products prevents discolorations of the wood and improves the adhesion of the clear coats. It is a water-based and ecological product.

  • Gives a natural and ‘honey’ colour to the wood.
  • Easy to apply by roller or brush.
  • Limited odour.
  • Dries quickly.