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  • Basin Basiplus Reactive Stain 2.5L

    Water-based reactive stains

    The Basisplus-stains are ecological, water-based stains which are produced using dyes and pigments, resistant to light and UV-rayes. By these (UV-)light resistant pigments, sunlight does not effect the colour of the parquet.
    By reacting with the tannic acid, the wood obtains a unique aging effect which highlights the grains and wood structure beautifully. The aging effect is just like the natural aging of wood, especially with dark growth rings on resinous woods and the patination of hardwood.

    BS-1070: Snow White
    BS-1790: Café Russe
    BS-1793: Old Wood
    BS-1795: Antik Wood
    BS-1797: Double Smoked
    BS-1799: Bitch Red
    BS-7300: Washed Grey
    BS-8114: Mud Grey
    BS-8160: Imperial Grey
    BS-8161: Vintage Grey

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  • SAICOS Premium Hardwax Oil – For Wood Flooring


    The multifunctional premium protection for all wooden surfaces

    Don’t give stains and scratches a chance! SAICOS Premium Hardwax-Oil makes it possible. This oil is suitable for maintenance and gives your wood a new coat. High heel marks, building block scratches and spilt food can no longer harm the durable wood and cork floors, tabletops and worktops thanks to this wood care oil. Furniture and children’s toys also benefit from premium wood protection. This product is suitable for all wooden surfaces in indoor areas.


    • Natural surface treatment for all wood and cork floors, tables and worktops and other heavily used wooden surfaces
    • Fast drying – complete coat possible in one day
    • Colourless or coloured, 4 gloss levels
    • Simple, economical, wood-friendly
    • Oxidative drying

    Click here for the datasheet & maintenance information

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  • SAICOS Premium Additive Anti-Slip R10


    Ensures a non-slip surface on wooden floors

    Floors can be quite slippery at times. The anti-slip additive ensures a safe, non-slip coating.


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  • SAICOS Additive Hardener 2K


    For faster drying and higher resilience

    At construction sites, work is often done under time pressure and special climatic conditions. To finish a coat in just one day we recommend Premium Additive Hardener 2K.

    It enables faster drying and greater final hardness.


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  • SAICOS Additive UV Protection


    Works against the natural colour changes caused by UV rays

    Wood is exposed to the sun every day. If it is not coated with UV Protection as a precaution, UV rays change its colour in the long run.


    For the preservation of the original colour.

    We recommend the addition of Premium Additive UV Protection in SAICOS Premium Hardwax-Oil so that you can enjoy the original colour of your floor for longer. Because this reduces the natural colour change of the wood by exposure to light.

    The quantities in the additive containers are precisely matched to the respective can contents of SAICOS Premium Hardwax-Oil.

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    This invisible 1 component water-based oil has the characteristics of a varnish and is designed for finishing new, untreated or freshly sanded parquet as well as other rough wood parts, providing a long-lasting and matt finish.

    Please note: only suitable for light wood and not suitable for veneers thinner than ± 1.5 mm, to avoid glue penetration. On dark and exotic wood types, we recommend NO VISIBLE OIL DARKWOOD HPU-5003.

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  • Basin No Visible Lava – Conserve the natural look of wood


    The no Visible Lava HPC-6007 is the no Visible for the professional! It is a product based on an advanced technology. It is a 2C product for finishing all types of parquet and elements in untreated wood (only for clear types).

    This product belongs to a new generation of parquet products, which combines high performance with environmental friendly technology. No Visible Lava is water-based and ecological. It provides a natural protection, totally invisible and without gloss that perfectly conserves the charm of untreated wood.

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  • SAICOS Colourwax Oil


    Rich colours based on natural oil

    Bring colour to your life. Whether natural or showy – SAICOS Color Wax is indispensable for the design of coloured wall coverings or furniture in indoor areas. Even children’s toys can be painted with the colour wax without a second thought.


    • For interior wood such as furniture, doors, mouldings, wall and ceiling panelling, children’s toys and coloured floors (as a primer)
    • Natural oil base
    • Semi-matt surface
    • Oxidative drying

    Please click here for the datasheet

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  • SAICOS Extra thin Ground Oil


    Available in 0.75 – 2.5 litres

    • Interior use
    • Especially recommended for the treatment of hardwood floors made out of tropical wood, thermally treated wood like Meranti, Merbau, Wenge, Jatoba as a first coat followed by Saicos Hardwax Oil

    • Micro porous primer will penetrate easily into the wood and preserve the natural look

    • Final coat with SAICOS  Premium Hardwax Oil

    • 1 L covers approx. 17 m² – 1 coat

    • Drying time minimum 8 hours

    • (New) Now available in Black Transparent (3008)

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  • SAICOS UV Protection Oil (interior)


    The water-based interior wood stain provides UV protection in areas where there is high exposure to direct sunlight areas such as conservatories, near windows, etc. Suitable for all types of interior wood surfaces like hardwood floors, doors, ceilings, wood panelling, etc.

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  • SAICOS Wood Impregnation Oil


    The basis for a protective wood coating.

    Impregnation is particularly useful in damp rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens. It protects the wood from moisture and discolouration.


    • Natural wood protection without organic biocides.
    • For all discoloured interior woods.
    • Especially recommended for softwood in bathrooms and kitchens.
    • Not a single coating – the final coating takes place after drying with SAICOS products.
    • Oxidative drying.

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  • SAICOS – Bel Air

    • Exterior wood finish

    • Oil-based finish for all your garden wood features

    • Colour pigments with high UV resistance and weatherproof

    • Available in 19 colours

    • 1-litre cover 8.5m² per 2 coats

    • 3-5 hours drying times

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