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  • SAICOS – Clear Oil Finish


    For interior and exterior use.

    • Satin matt, Colourless Oil finish helps wood keep it’s natural character.

    • Ideal to use on undersides of roofs, deckings and grills preferbly not exposed to direct sunlight (1-2 coats).

    • Water and dirt repellent, non-slip, and highly resistant againstscratches and abrasion.

    • 1 L covers about 17 m² 1 coat 13 m² 2 coats

    • No UV protection for exterior use, the wood will according to it’s nature will darken or bleach by the influence of the sunlight.

    • Drying times are approximately 10 hours

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  • SAICOS – Special Wood Oil


    For Exterior use.

    Protection and care for garden furniture, timber decking, wooden frames, etc. Developed especially to suit the natural colour shades and properties of the wood types most commonly used.

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  • SAICOS UV Protection Oil


    Available in 0.75 litres and 2.5 litres

    Oil-based exterior wood stain provides UV protection to exterior wood and protects and reduces the greying and yellowing of the wood. Wood Finish Exterior is extremely efficient and easy to apply and maintain.

    UV protection Exterior properties

    • Satin Matt finish
    • Drying times with 6-8 hours
    • Protect wood from greying and yellowing over time in areas where there is direct sunlight
    • The microporous finish will not crack, blister or flake.
    • Easy renovation with a coat on top of a clean dry surface.
    • Coverage 1 litre – 13m² with 2 coats
    • Available in Colourless, Pine, Grey & Walnut

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  • SAICOS Wood Oil Additive Anti-Slip R10


    Enough with slippery wooden surfaces


    Floors can be quite slippery at times. The anti-slip additive ensures a safe, non-slip coating.


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  • SAICOS Green-Ex Concentrate



    Developed For The Long-Term Cleaning Of External Timbers

    Due to weather influences, the wood in outdoor areas often get covered by a green veil. With the help of Green-Ex Concentrate, these greasy films are a thing of the past.


    • Removes mould from all outdoor woods, as well as natural and artificial stone terraces, steps and gravestones
    • Cleans automatically
    • Prevents re-infestation

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  • SAICOS Cleaner for Wood-Plastic-Decking (WPC)


    Easy to use, an impressive result

    The popular alternative to wood is called WPC. But it is also affected by exposure to weather influences. Wood-plastic planks also need to be cleaned to keep them beautiful.


    • Cleans terraces made of wood-plastic composite quickly and intensively
    • Concentrate

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  • SAICOS Cleaning brush for wooden terraces


    Cleaning brush for wooden terraces


    Terraces are exposed to external weather conditions all year round, meaning that their surfaces change. They turn grey and get dirty. Regular cleaning is essential to extend the lifespan of wooden terraces.


    • For cleaning wooden terraces
    • Natural bristles
    • Thread for standard handles
    • Can be used with all SAICOS cleaners for outdoor areas
    • Size: 200 mm
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  • SAICOS Wood Brightener Concentrate


    The rejuvenation treatment for aged, greyed wood

    Garden furniture and outdoor wood are heavily exposed to the weather. The colour disappears over time, the wood turns grey. A completely natural process, but one which results in purely optical flaws. Some wood components are not UV-resistant, the colour tone wears off and the rain does the rest. This is where Wood Brightener comes in.

    The high-quality, odourless Wood Brightener for treating and freshening up unsightly grey wood surfaces outdoors gives the wood a new shine. At the same time, the Wood Brightener does not attack the healthy wood, but only reveals the colour hidden in the deeper layers of the wood. Up to 25 square meters of space can be brightened per litre with the Wood Brightener Concentrate.
    The SAICOS Wood Brightener is a concentrate and can be diluted with water up to 5 times. Simply apply to the slightly damp surface with a garden sprayer, watering can or a brush, leave on for 15-30 minutes. Then scrub with a hard brush and a lot of water and then rinse with plenty of water. If necessary, the process can be repeated if there are isolated grey areas. It is not necessary to sand the wooden surface thanks to the Wood Brightener.

    Preserve the natural colour of the wood

    Preserving the wood colour is an issue that affects anyone who owns outer woods. The natural greying process cannot be stopped, but it can be delayed. Of course, this happens through appropriate treatment and protection, such as UV protection, which prevents the natural dyes of the wood from fading due to the sun’s rays. The brightener is then the last step to bringing the wood back to its original condition without sanding.

    Wood comes to life

    The more the wood has greyed, the more brightener you can use. Our concentrate is odourless and particularly easy to use. This makes distribution even more pleasant and you are not exposed to harmful vapours. After treatment, we recommend letting the wood dry for a few days before reusing it.

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  • SAICOS Wood Brightener Power-Gel


    Anti-ageing for greyed outdoor wood

    The Power Gel works miracles. It cleans old wood and refreshes the colour.


    • For garden furniture and wooden decks as well as hard and precious wood
    • Intense gel texture
    • Greyed outer timbers
    • Without grinding

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  • SAICOS – Bel Air

    • Exterior wood finish

    • Oil-based finish for all your garden wood features

    • Colour pigments with high UV resistance and weatherproof

    • Available in 19 colours

    • 1-litre cover 8.5m² per 2 coats

    • 3-5 hours drying times

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